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Employment Law

/Employment Law
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Employment Law

We fight for your unpaid wages

When you perform work for an employer, you have a right to be paid. Federal and state laws protect employees through labor laws and by requiring that employers pay their workers in a timely manner.

Common unpaid wage claims

      • Minimum wage violation
      • Prevailing wage violation
      • Failure to provide meal breaks
      • Failure to pay overtime
      • Improper tips pooling

By law, an employer must pay you your wages in a time-sensitive manner

  • If you have been laid off or wrongfully terminated, your employer must pay you immediately (including money owed to you for unused vacation days and time-off benefits).
  • If you voluntarily resign, you are entitled to receive all wages owed to you within 72 hours.

Do I have unpaid wages?

In California, the extent of a worker’s right to wages or benefits will often depend on whether they are classified as an “employee” or an “independent contractor.” If an employer wrongfully classified you as an independent contractor, he/she could face severe penalties. Find out more about pursuing an unpaid wage claim by calling Statewide Law today.

Does your employer deny or withhold your overtime wages?

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