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Whether you've been injured in an accident, hurt while on the job, or have been mistreated by your employer – our job is to help make things right for you. Insurance companies and businesses are setup to minimize their costs, even if that means leaving you out in the cold. We fight every day for people who just need a fair break.

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My work injury caused a lot of frustration for me. I was in constant pain, not certain about the future and totally confused about the process. The worker comp system had a lot of details and deadlines I was not aware of. Your office did an amazing job holding my hand through out the process and made sure I got the right treatment and compensation.

I am very pleased with the settlement and how hard your office worked for me. Thank you for everything, Statewide.

God bless, Anita Lomeli

Why Would You Want to Hire StateWide Law?

Our Mission

We strive to be advocate for workers by providing representation, services and strategic advice to facilitated their speedy recovery, timely return to workforce, or recover unpaid wages.

Our Values

Our team members are as intelligent and driven as they are passionate and caring.  We work in a fast-paced, dynamic and forward-thinking environment with talented professionals who care for injured workers or unpaid workers.  We know work related injury, or not getting paid is a burden on workers and their families.  Therefore, in addition to aggressive litigation strategies, we extend our reach to doctors, defense attorneys, insurance companies, and other involved parties to pave way for expedited resolution to your claim.

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