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Thank you for your interest in Statewide Law workers compensation and personal injury attorneys. We take pride in our standards and work diligently on our clients' behalf. The business of worker comp law is unique and does not compare to any other operations you might have experienced in the past. While the basic standards are the same, there are certain aspects that differentiate and permit us to secure the best results for our valued clients. We are happy to discuss the details personally but in short, we are in the business of law and that means we approach things with a found understanding of it in mind. We present our cases in a business-like fashion so they get more attention, we approach adversaries with full understanding of their views and we negotiate cases with detailed attention to timing, deadlines and their costs. In essence, we are ready and able to fight for your case, however, we prefer to offer solutions that are beneficial to you instead of nonstop litigation and useless lengthy court battles. We bring our clients the most benefits while securing the maximum compensation.

Statewide Law is operated by a group of attorneys as partners and of counsel from a diverse professional background. We possess hands on personal experience in a wide range of industries/job sites and are familiar with unique conditions that can cause or lead to work injuries. Our professional staff has over 30 years of experience in worker compensation and labor related cases and is equipped to handle all your needs in an expedited and informative fashion. Statewide is your source for legal solutions.

We encourage you to consider choosing us as your legal counsels and permit us to secure worthy medical treatment, benefits and superior compensation for your claim.

My work injury caused a lot of frustration for me. I was in constant pain, not certain about the future and totally confused about the process. The worker comp system had a lot of details and deadlines I was not aware of. Your office did an amazing job holding my hand through out the process and made sure I got the right treatment and compensation.

I am very pleased with the settlement and how hard your office worked for me. Thank you for everything, Statewide.

God bless, Anita Lomeli